Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Let me help!
I have experience with fiction writing, editing, film marketing, journalism, and more! Whether you’re a budding writer or a seasoned veteran looking for a fresh perspective,  let me help you polish and present your work. See below for my editing packages, or contact me to discuss a custom package.
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Synopsis /  $100 — 200
  • Whether you have a synopsis ready to go, or you’re looking to develop the necessary materials to query your manuscript, this editing service will help convey your book’s story.
Query / $250
  • You have a great manuscript. But do you have a great pitch? With my experience in film marketing and creative writing, I can help you draft the perfect query letter. I’ll help you articulate your niche market, and draft a query that’s polished, professional, and promising. Give your book the chance it deserves to stand out in the slush pile.
Full Submission Package / $500
  • See above for specific descriptions. Includes: query letter, synopsis review, line-editing for first ten pages of the manuscript.

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30 Minute Consultation / $100
  • In our phone consultation, we can discuss any aspect of the writing life. Come prepared with questions about writing, revision, MFA programs, conference proposals, writing for film, literary journal submissions etc.  I can offer career advice for a fiction writer or freelance journalist, help with MFA applications, or you can send me a 10-page writing sample of your choice to discuss on the phone or Skype consultation.

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10 Page Review / $100
  • The most important part of the submission process is the writing itself. Every page of the manuscript should shine — especially the beginning. Don’t give an editor any reason to stop reading. With the 10 page review, you’ll receive an annotated copy of the text, and we’ll discuss how to start strong and establish the key narrative elements.
100 Page Review / $1,000
  • With a 100 page sample, I’ll get a strong sense of your voice and strengths as a writer. We’ll break down the work and consider any high-order structural concerns such as plot development, characterization, and motivation.
Full Manuscript Review / $2,500
  • With the full manuscript review, you’ll get high-order notes on the entire manuscript. I’ll annotate a hard-copy of the book with notes, questions, concerns, and suggestions for the revision process. In addition, we’ll draft a full synopsis and short summary for the book, so you’re ready for the submission process.