In January 2017, I began serving as Editor-in-Chief of The Wheaton Record. I oversaw a staff team of reporters, designers and editors as we published our weekly periodical newspaper. Some highlights from the year included sending my staff to cover the presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C., acquiring press passes to the NCAA’s Final Four championship, sending staff to IFYC’s Interfaith Youth Core in Atlanta, and publishing a special edition final issue with the creative team of Kodon.

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“Wheaton mourns the loss of Ethan Roser” – The Wheaton Record (News)
“Evolving thoughts on origins” – The Wheaton Record (Spotlight Team)
“The Record meets with acclaimed academic Mark Noll”
“Wheaton Grad Dan Coats selected as Intel Director” – The Wheaton Record (News)

Podcasts & Radio

“Radio Feature: The Art of Glassblowing” – The World and Everything In It Radio
“Interview: Pokémon Go” – The World and Everything In It Radio
“Candidate Chaos” – Integras
Marketing video for the World Journalism Institute


In May 2016, I graduated from the World Journalism Institute, an intensive training program in Asheville, North Carolina. I then worked as a reporter (intern) for WORLD Magazine, covering breaking news like healthcare reform, Senate votes, and landmark Supreme Court cases. My portfolio now includes World Digital and World Radio, The Washington Post, The College Fix, Family Christian Stores, Monument Publishing, and The Wheaton Record. For information on my photo journalism, please see my photography website.


Freelance researcher and reporter in The Washington Post Talent Network (2017)
“Open Letter to Evangelicals” – The Washington Post
“Is Silence Golden?” – Feature in World Magazine (Print)
“Florida confirms first cases of locally transmitted Zika” – World
“Alaska quashes parental notice requirement for abortion” – World
“Humana drops Obamacare to stop balance sheet bleeding” – World
“Olympic gymnast opens up about failure and faith” – World
“U.S. health costs top $10,000 per person” – World
“Why are mobile gamers so crazy over Pokémon?” – World
“Carlson sues Fox News CEO for sexual harassment” – World
“Senate approves eleventh-hour Puerto Rican rescue” – World
“Whistleblower: State Dept. shut down pivotal terror probe”, Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Ted Cruz and Philip Haney – World
“Disappointed but not despondent”, Ground reporting on Supreme Court case, Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt – World
“Marching for marriage a year after Obergefell – World
“Brexit ripple effects create turbulence on Wall Street” – World
“Will new GOP health plan be the death of Obamacare?” – World
“Republican lawmakers grant $1.1 billion for Zika fight” – World
“Orlando holds vigil for terror attack victims” – World
“Police search for motive in Christian pop-star’s shooting” – World
“Gunman pledges allegiance to ISIS before attacking Orlando club” – World
“More cities prosecuting the homeless for living outside” – World
“Animal rights vs. human rights at center of Cincinnati zoo debate” – World
“Indian-American super-spellers dominate the national bee” – World
“Colleges offer path to U.S. for refugees” – World News Group, WORLD Magazine
“Minority students resist urge to segregate, instead compete and win at the ballot box” – The College Fix, Student Free Press Association
“Student newspaper loses funding – again – after running op-ed critical of Black Lives Matter” – The College Fix
“Bills to protect student journalists from censorship more popular in conservative states” – The College Fix
“Evangelical college imposes diversity requirements” – The College Fix
“Christian student ministry mum on whether its support for Black Lives Matter has hurt donations” – The College Fix

Freelance Writing 

In 2016, I co-launched Integras, an independent online journal serving as an outlet for Christian millennials to discuss politics and relevant social issues. I both write for Integras and serve as Editor-in-Chief, managing all incoming submissions from guest writers and staff.
“Nimble with Belief: Reconciling the Sacramental and Dialectical Imagination” – Integras
“Don’t Leave Us Behind: The Need for Parental Leave Policies” – Integras
“The Need for Reconciliation in a Culture of Revenge” – Integras
“Candidate Chaos: Podcast Special with Integras Co-Founders” – Integras
“Why Does Brexit Matter? 5 Things to Keep In Mind” – Integras
“Obamacare vs. Nuns: Religious Liberty and Mandated Contraception” – Integras
“Brought into the Light: Why Journalism Matters, Then and Now” – Integras
“Captain America Politics: Privacy vs. National Security” – Integras
“Why Safety Is Not A Virtue: Mistaking Political Values for Moral Virtues” – Integras
“When No Means Yes: Sexual Violence Happens in Churches, Too” – Integras
“What’s Your Platform? Why You Need A Position of Social Influence” – Integras
“Drained” – Travel Writing, Wheaton English Department
“How Being Well-Read Makes You Well-Rounded” – Family Christian Stores
“Helping Your Child Get Into Their Dream College: Part One, The Tests”, “Part Two: The Scholarships” – Family Christian Stores
“The ‘Write’ Way: Instilling a Love of Writing in Your Child” – Family Christian Stores
“50 Shades of Irony: The Black and White of Grey” – Family Christian Stores
“Movie Review: The Remaining” – Affirm Films, Ribbow Media, Ministry Feeds